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Build Your Own Knife Workshop

Ever made your own knife? No? Well now you can. Come to my shop, and I'll walk you through the process of making your very own blade. Noting fancy, just a simple drop point hunter with a 4-5" blade. Not watch me do it, YOU will make it yourself! This isn't for the tender handed're going to feel the heat of the forge, get up close and personal with a grinder that's made to eat high carbon steel, and probably find out what hot scale popping off feels like the first time you hit something 1900 degrees with a hammer. Sound like fun? Then click below! Cost is $300 a person. May fit it into one day, but better plan on a day and a half just to be sure. For another $50 I’ll pattern out the blade and custom make a leather sheath for it. Sometimes there’s time to do that in the same day, but not always. $100 deposit is due in advance to reserve a spot. I can't book specific dates until the first of every month. Currently booked through 2022 and mid 2023. 

Want To Make Your Own Knife?: About Us
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